About Pembroke, MA

Located less than an hour south of Boston, Pembroke is a quaint town with a lot of character. More than 300 years old, the town has grown by more than 1000% in the last century – transforming it from a tiny, agricultural community to a thriving suburban township. Rated as a contender for ‘CNN Money’s Best Places to Live’ in 2009, Pembroke scores well above the U.S. average in most quality of life ratings, and is home to almost 20,000 residents.

Sports enthusiasts will find plenty to do in the vicinity, with the spectacular Pembroke Country Club offering a superb golf course to go with a fine restaurant, bar and function hall. Alternatively, the area offers excellent fishing opportunities during the summer months, with herring a local speciality – a fact that is celebrated annually at the “Grande Old Fish Fry”. There are five local ponds (Great Sandy Bottom, Little Sandy Bottom, Oldham, Furnace and Stetson) allowing any fishing aficionado the opportunity to land a catch, or simply have a swim. During winter, these same ponds provide perfect ice rinks to allow skating – a popular attraction with the local youth.

North Pembroke provides much forestry (much of which was used in the town’s early ship-building industry), streams and wildlife; perfect for a relaxing stroll – along with some stunning photo opportunities – especially as the sun is setting on an autumnal evening. South Pembroke is mainly dominated by the aforementioned ponds, along with Silver Lake – a meeting place between Pembroke and three other local towns. Beside the lake is Silver Lake Sanctuary, close to 100 acres of walking, hiking and fishing opportunities.

After a day outdoors, Pembroke offers plenty of dining and drinking options. Amongst many great eateries, Orta and Capone’s offer good quality Italian fayre, while Oyster’s and Lucky Dawg provide excellent American dining. After a hearty meal, the British Beer Company provides beers from all across the globe (not just Britain!) and has a lively and welcoming atmosphere.

While it may not be the largest location on your map of the United States, this small town certainly provides plenty to do, especially for fans of the great outdoors. Pembroke offers all of the charm and beauty of Massachusetts, with none of the cramp and crowding of a big city.